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Type /backup followed by one of these subcommands:

Command Use
create-file-remote Create a remote backup target on the file system.
delete Delete an individual snapshot.
disable Disable backups on this world.
enable Enable local backups backups on this world.
full Perform a local and remote backup immediately.
gc Run garbage collection to free up disk space.
help Get help on commands.
info Info about current backup state and settings.
list List backup snapshots for this world.
local Perform a local backup immediately.
prune Delete old snapshots according to the retention policy.
remote-delete Delete a remote snapshot.
remote-list List remote snapshots.
remote-prune Delete old snapshots from the remote backup according to the remote retention policy.
remote-restore Restore a remote snapshot.
restore Restore a backup snapshot.
set-autoback-action Set an action to perform during auto-backups.
set-autoback-wait Set the minimum number of minutes to wait between auto-backups.
set-remote Set the url for remote backups.
set-remote-retention Set snapshot retention policy for the remote backup.
set-retention Set snapshot retention policy.
set-shutdown-action Set an action to perform on shutdown.