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Fast, incremental Minecraft world backups powered by Git

Fastback is a Fabric Minecraft mod that backs up your world in incremental snapshots. When it does a backup, it only saves the parts of your world that changed.

This means backups are fast. It also means you can keep snapshots of your world without using up a lot of disk space.


  • Incrementally backup just the changed files
  • Faster, smaller backups than zipping
  • Back up locally
  • Back up remotely to any git server
  • Back up remotely to any network volume (no git server required)
  • Schedule backups to run automatically
  • Easily restore backup snapshots
  • Snapshot pruning, retention policies
  • LuckPerms support
  • Works on clients and dedicated servers
  • Works on Linux, Mac and Windows
  • ..all with easy-to-use minecraft commands

Road Map

  • Support for restoring remote snapshots
  • Better management of remote snapshots
  • UI for managing backups from the title screen
  • Forge support (maybe)


FastBack is distributed under GNU Public License version 2.

You can put it in a modpack but please include attribution with a link to this page.